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Volunteers & Housing

One of the fun things about our pro tournament each year is the community involvement in embracing and welcoming players of many nationalities to our city. As one of our long time host families has repeatedly said to us:

We always get back more than we give!

Many players return to Rochester because of the hospitality, and in turn many people house players each year because of the positive interaction they have enjoyed on and off the court with players in the past. Our hosts enjoy getting to to know these charming professional athletes on a personal level. Many develop and maintain relationships with these players long after the tournament is over. We hope more new people can come forward and help us make our event a great experience for everyone involved!

The players will be arriving on or after Monday April 1st 2019. Please note that most players usually do not stay the entire length of the tournament. Most, if knocked out of the earlier draws, elect to arrange for an early flight out of Rochester. Players may need to be picked up at the airport or directed to your home. The tournament committee will coordinate the player’s arrival with you and arrange transport from airport if required.

Players will need to be transported to the University of Rochester Goergen Athletic Center each day for their matches and provided at least one meal a day. If you are unable to provide transport, please inform the tournament committee and we shall arrange transportation accordingly. Players will spend a majority of their day at the venue, but may ask to go back home to rest. Additional transportation will be provided to aid this process if required.

If you would like to host a player or volunteer transport help in driving the players to and from the courts please contact us or DM us on Twitter.

Court area volunteers –
If you would like to volunteer to provide court area support (this includes, cleanup, registration help, general support, match reporting, videography/photography) please contact us .