Lucas defeats Galvez for 2013 Rochester ProAm title

(Match report by Hameed Ahmed)

Lucas Serme (FRA) bt Eric Galvez (MEX) 10-12,11-2, 8-11, 11-8,11-6 (102m)

After a thrilling night of semifinals, the stage was set for Rochester to witness a final battle between two first timers in Rochester, young Lucas Serme from France taking on the experienced Eric Galvez from Mexico.

Galvez started off very well taking the control of the game from the beginning. He was already 9-4 and 10-6 up but Serme was able to eventually take the game into a tiebreaker. The Mexican started attacking again in the last rallies and was able to win the first one 12-10.

Serme came into the second one with a lot more energy and quickly got a 3-0 lead. Galvez was still not attacking and serme kept picking everything up. Easy mistakes from a tired galvez and great attacking squash from the Frenchman – game to serme 11-2.

Galvez kept on putting pressure to back court and got a quick 6-1 lead. Serme started to use front court more and move Galvez around the court. The Mexican started to look tired and made some easy mistakes. Serme was already a point away at 6-7 but galvez hit a great drop to get to 8-6. Galvez won the game 11-8 in the end.

Serme got ahead in the fourth and kept the lead until Galvez found another gear and got back to 8-8. Serme was able to clinch it in the end though and took it into a fifth.

Serme looked to be the stronger one in the fifth and Galvez made a lot of mistakes especially in the beginning. Serme got up to 6-2 but Galvez quickly got back to 5-6. After that, 3 easy mistakes again from galvez to give Serme a 9-5 lead. The Frenchman eventually closed it 11-6 and was crowned the Rochester ProAm champion of 2013.

Both players displayed great skill, athleticism and sportsmanship throughout the match and were a treat to watch for the Rochester crowd!


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