Rochester Pro 2007

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The Rochester Pro 2007 Squash Tournament boasted a 13 man qualifying draw and a 16 man main draw. The players were rated from No. 76 to No. 345 in the world and hail from USA, Australia, Egypt, Pakistan, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Austria ,Scotland, England, Namibia.

Main Draw

Seed Name Country      PSA Ranking     
1 Jorge Isaac Baltazar Ferreira MEX 76
2 Ryan Thompson NAM 146
3 Michal Reid CAN 155
4 Regardt Schonborn RSA 156
5 Aqeel Rehman AUT 159
6 Fernando Lopez MEX 180
7 Kristen Johnson SCO 182
8 Dave Glass CAN 205
9 Aqib Hanif PAK 207
10 Andrew McDougall CAN 212
11 Joe Millman ENG 239
12 Imran Khan (*Wildcard) PAK 304

Qualifier Draw

Seed                  Name                  Country      PSA Ranking     
Q1 Matthew Serediak CAN 246
Q2 Arturo Castillo MEX 263
Q3 Chris Tasker-Grindley ENG 290
Q4 James Snell ENG 304
Q5 Karim A.G.A Samy EGY 315
Q6 Esteban Espinal COL 331
Q7 Bernard Reid CAN 334
Q8 Ben Oliner USA 345
Q9 Alex Ingham ENG 345
Q10 Tyler Hamilton CAN 345

Local entrants
Jim Bristow (UR Squash)
Yohay Wakabayashi (UR Squash)
Patrick Harris (UR Squash)

Main Draw

Main Draw

Round 1
Jan 19th

Jan 20th 11:00 am

Jan 20th 6:00 pm

Jan 21st 12:00 pm
[1] Jorge Ferreira (MEX)
(Fri Jan 19 7:00 pm)

[9] Aqib Hanif (PAK)  
Jorge Ferreira
Imran Khan
Jorge Ferreira
Regardt Schonborn
Jorge Ferreira
Kristen Johnson
[6] Fernando Lopez (MEX)
( 9-11,11-10(4-2),11-4,11-9)
(Fri Jan 19 5:30 pm)

[WC] Imran Khan Riaz (PAK)
[4] Regardt Schonborn (RSA)
(Fri Jan 19 5:30 pm)

[10] Andrew McDougall (CAN)
Regardt Schonborn
Dave Glass
[8] Dave Glass (CAN)
(Fri Jan 19 5:30 pm)

[11] Joe Millman (ENG)
Q1 Matt Serediak (CAN)
(11-9,11-10(2-0), 11-8)
(Fri Jan 19 5:30 pm)

[5]Aqeel Rehman (AUT)
Matt Serediak
James Snell
James Snell
Kristen Johnson
Q2 James Snell (ENG)
(Fri Jan 19 7:00 pm)

[3] Michael Reid (CAN)
Q3 Alex Ingham (ENG)
(Fri Jan 19 7:00 pm)

[7]Kristen Johnson [SCO]
Kristen Johnson
Chris Tasker-Grindley
Q4 Chris Tasker-Grindley (ENG)
(Fri Jan 19 7:00 pm)

[2] Ryan Thompson [NAM]

Qualifier Draw

Round 1
Thur Jan 18th (11:00 am)

Round 2
Thur Jan 18th (6:00 pm)
Matt Serediak
Matt Serediak
Karim A.G.A Samy
Matt Serediak
Karim A.G.A Samy
Yohay Wakabayashi
Chris Tasker-Grindley
Chris Tasker-Grindley
Jim Bristow
Chris Tasker-Grindley
Esteban Espinal
Jim Bristow
Patrick Harris
Bernard Reid
Bernard Reid
James Snell
James Snell
Tyler Hamilton
James Snell
Alex Ingham
Ben Oliner
Alex Ingham
3-0, score awaited
Arturo Castillo
Alex Ingham
Arturo Castillo

Sponsors and Patrons
Gold Level:
Bob Gerace
Peter Lyman
Andy Publow

Bronze Level:
Ray Bales
Doug Bennett
Tim Broshears
Dr. Marilyn Brown
Andy Butler
Thomson Chew
Chris Drake
Jack Fitzpatrick
Glenn Fjermedal
Bob Good
Dr. Jonathan Hager
Eric Hernady
Lacy Katzen [Corporate Sponsor]
Chip Nimick
Mark Raeside
George Scharr
Morgan Smith
Abby Stern
Mimi & Sam Tilton
Jeff & Beth Wilkins
Rail & Ale Society

Doreen Smethurst
Harro East Division 1 Team

Bell Racquet Sports – Official Sponsor of the RSRA
Prince Squash

Muscle Maintenance, Inc.
Bagel Bin Café
AVS, Inc.
Holiday Inn
On The Rocks
University of Rochester
Martin Heath
Matt Dankner
U of R Squash Team

A big thank you to our 2007 hosts:

David and Mette Strommes
Susie Wells
Louise and Birch Craig
Maureen and Jim McIntosh
Karen Behringer
Karen Machiavelli
Kay Cayhill
Sue Gardner Smith
Chip and Joy Nimick
Peter Webb
Tom and Joan Powers
Troy Zarcone
Bill and Anne Haake
Bob Good
Hugh Higgins
Tom and Ellen Rusling
Shuolun Ruan
Mark Mijangos
Paula Doyle

2007 Tournament Committee
Taking over from Eric Hernady’s leadership efforts over the years, the 2007 tournament planning committee is:
Tournament Director & Professional Liaison – Mithun Mukherjee
Fundraising – Robert Gerace
Logistics – Hugh Higgins and Morgan Smith
Housing – Chip Nimick and Amanda Smrcka
Transportation – Amanda Smrcka and Morgan Smith
Food – Bob Good
Public Relations – Chris Thomas
Webmaster – Mithun Mukherjee

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