Rochester Pro 2006


Welcome to the 5th annual Rochester Pro Squash Tournament, presented by the Rochester Squash Racquets Association. This is a sanctioned $4K Satellite event on the Professional Squash Association world tour and boasts a 16 man qualifying draw and a 16 man main draw. The players are rated from No. 70 to No. 200 in the world and hail from USA, Australia, Egypt, Pakistan, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Botswana, Zambia, Japan, Argentina, Wales, England, France and Brazil.

We couldn’t have done this without the generous contributions and support from the local squash community. Please take a moment and scroll down to the list of sponsors and patrons.

Stills from 2006:
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The Rochester Pro 2006 Squash Tournament boasts a 16 man qualifying draw and a 16 man main draw. The players are rated from No. 70 to No. 200 in the world and hail from USA, Australia, Egypt, Pakistan, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Botswana, Zambia, Japan, Argentina, Wales, England, France and Brazil.

Main Draw

Seed Name Country      PSA Ranking     
1 Miguel Angel Rodriguez COL 73
2 Bernardo Samper COL 84
3 Ben Gould AUS 90
4 Ahmed Maged Hamza EGY 123
5 Jose Angel Becceril MEX 124
6 Patrick Chifunda ZAM 151
7 Patrick Bedore CAN 156
8 Regardt Schonborn RSA 164
9 Lefika Ragontse BOT 166
10 Manuel Fregoso MEX 177
11 Armando Olguin MEX 180
12 Yasser El Halaby (*Wildcard) EGY 321

Qualifier Draw

Seed Name Country      PSA Ranking     
Q1 Ryan Donegan USA 199
Q2 Takehide Hota JPN 211
Q3 Iain Crozier CAN 215
Q4 Imran Khan PAK 220
Q5 Yasunori Ishiwata JPN 268
Q6 Joan Lezaud FRA 275
Q7 Scott Fitzgerald WAL 281
Q8 Neil Hitchens ENG 299
Q9 Mohammad Mehdi PAK 321
Q10 Joe Millman ENG 321
Q11 Jay Fleishman CAN 321
Q12          Benjamin Oliner         USA 321
Q13 Julio Silva Caseiro BRA

Local entrants
Brendon Bascom
Patrick Harris

Draws and Schedule:

First Qualifying Round – Thursday Jan 26 11:00 am

Second Qualifying Round – Thursday Jan 26 6:00 pm

First Main Round – Friday Jan 27 5:30 pm

Quarterfinals – Saturday Jan 28 11:00 am

Semifinals – Saturday Jan 28 6:00 pm

Finals – Sunday Jan 29 12:00 pm

Main Draw

Round 1



[1] Miguel Angel Rodriguez (COL)
11/2, 11/4, 11/5
[11] Armando Olguin (MEX)  
Miguel Rodriguez
13-15, 11-1, 5-11, (Donegan retd.)
Ryan Donegan
Miguel Rodriguez
8/11, 12/10, 11/7,11/9
Ben Gould
Miguel Rodriguez

12/10, 2/11, 7/11, 9/11, 11/6

Yasser El Halaby

[6] Patrick Chifunda (ZAM)
9/11, 11/9, 9/11, 9/11
[Q1] Ryan Donegan (USA)  
[3] Ben Gould (AUS)
11/7, 11/10(2-0), 11/5
[Q2] Joan Lezaud   
Ben Gould
11/6, 13/11, 11/8
Imran Khan
[5] Jose Angel Becceril (MEX)
11/9, 5/11, 11/9, 11/6
[Q3] Imran Khan 
[10] Manuel Fregoso (MEX)
11/5, 7/11, 11/8, 11/4
[8] Regardt Schonborn (RSA) 

Regardt Schonborn
11/6, 11/8, 11/7
Ahmed Hamza
Ahmed Hamza
11/7, 12/10, 11/7
Yasser El Halaby
[Q4] Neil Hitchens
11/5, 11/7, 11/4
[4] Ahmed Maged Hamza (EGY) 
[9] Lefika Ragontse (BOT)
11/3, 5/11, 11/0, 3/11, 11/6
[7] Patrick Bedore (CAN) 
Lefika Ragontse
11/3, 11/3, 13/11
Yasser El Halaby
[WC] Yasser El Halaby (EGY)
3/11, 12/10, 11/3, 11/6
[2] Bernardo Samper (COL) 

Qualifiers: Jan 26th 2005

Round 2:

Ryan Donegan (USA) bt. Scott Fitzgerald (WAL) ( 11-6, 11-4, 9-11, 11-8)
Imran Khan (PAK) bt. Yasunori Ishiwata (JPN) ( 11-2, 11-7, 11-1)
Neil Hitchens bt. Brendon Bascom (USA) (11-6, 11-6, 11-2)
Joan Lezaud (FRA) bt. Takehide Hota (JPN) (15-13, 11-4, 11-7)

Round 1:

Ryan Donegan (BYE)
Scott Fitzgerald bt. Ben Oliner (11-8,11-7,11-9)
Imran Khan bt. Joe Millman (11-4, 11-6, 11-4)
Yasunori Ishiwata bt. Julio Silva Caseiro (12-10, 8-11,11-3,11-1)
Neil Hitchens bt Jay Fleishman (11-4, 11-1, 11-6)
Brendon Bascom bt Iain Crozier (13-1,13-11, 8-11, 14-16, 11-7)
Joan Lezaud bt. Patrick Harris (11-5, 11-3, 11-8)
Takehide Hota (BYE)


Photos by Paul Schwartz, Paul Shin, Thomson Chew and Mithun Mukherjee

January 26th – Qualifiers

January 27th – Round 1

January 28th (morning session) – Quarterfinals

January 28th (evening session) – Semifinals

January 29 – Finals

Volunteers, Housing and Transportation:
Housing and Transport –

One of the great advantages to our pro tournament each year is the community involvement to embrace the players of many nationalities to our city. Many players return to Rochester because of the hospitality, in turn many people house players each year because of the positive interaction they have enjoyed on and off the court with players in the past. For many people, they develop and maintain relationships with these players after the tournament is over. We hope more new people can come forward and help us make our event a great experience for everyone involved!


The players will be arriving on or after January 25th (Wed) depending on which draw they are in. Players need to be picked up at the airport or directed to your home. Eric Hernady (385-5826 or 275-4805) and others will coordinate the player’s arrival with you.

Players will need to be transported to the University of Rochester Goergen Athletic Center each day for their matches and provided one meal, which can be anything simple. Players will be provided a majority of their food throughout the day at the squash courts. Players will spend a majority of their day at the venue, but may ask to go back home to rest. Additional transportation will be provided to aid this process on Thursday and Friday.

Thank you to all the housers for this years tournament:

Karen Behringer
Diane Machiavelli
Matt Dankner
Chip/Joy Nimick
Bill/Ann Haake
Steve Craxton
Elizabeth/Sally Demers
Brendan Bascom
Doreen/Phillip Smethurst
Paul MacArthur
Bob/Sue Good
Shuolun Ruan
Mark Mijangos
Mithun Mukherjee

If you would like to volunteer transport help in driving the players to and from the courts contact us.

Housing –

Transport –

Court area volunteers –
If you would like to volunteer to provide court area support (this includes, cleanup, registration help, general support, tournament reporting, photography) please contact .

Thank you to all the volunteers for this years tournament:

Hugh Higgins
Bridget Borsa
Steve Silbermann
Doreen Smethurst
Jonathan Hager
Morgan Smith
Amanda Smrcka
Patricia Helfer
Chip Nimick
Paul Shin
Thomson Chew
Bob Good
Eric Hernady
Chris Thomas
Mithun Mukherjee

From the South:
Take I-390 North to Exit 17 (Scottsville Rd). Take a left at the light at the end of the ramp onto Scottsville Rd. After half a mile, Scottsville will end in a “Y”. Bear to the right onto Elmwood Ave. After less than half a mile, bear to the left to enter the University of Rochester. Refer to map below for directions within the University campus.

From the East or West:
NYS Thruway (I-90) to Exit 46; I-390 North and proceed as from the South.

Parking –
Parking spots are reserved at the Library Lot. These are only for players and volunteers.

View campus map


Over the years the local squash community has helped us bring this event to Rochester with their generous contributions and support. We would like to thank the following groups and individuals –

Corporate Sponsors:
Tax & Investment Group
Lacy Katzen LLP

Peter Lyman
Bob Gerace
Andy Publow

Jack Fitzpatrick
Glenn Fjermedal
George Scharr
Ken Harzynski

Eric Hernady
David Price
Mark Raeside
Lisa & Gary Slater
Mimi Tilton
Harro East Squash Club
Mark Walley
Ed Nugent
Doug Bennett
Chip Nimick
Kate Guyer
Doreen Smethurst
Thomson Chew
Jeff Corcoran
George Scharr
Abby Stern
Marilyn Brown
Jeff & Beth Wilkens
Rail & Ale Society (Mike Coil)
Morgan Smith

University of Rochester
Muscle Maintenance Inc.
Martin Heath
Matt Dankner
UR Squash team
Bagel Bin Cafe
AVS Inc.
Holiday Inn (Rochester Airport)

If you would like to make a contribution to this event please contact .